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Chronic Mesenteric Insufficiency

What is Chronic Mesenteric Insufficiency?

The mesentery is a membrane that is in the abdomen, this membrane is full of blood vessels, which irrigate the stomach. The demand for blood increases during digestion. Sometimes the mesentery for various reasons can not supply enough blood to the stomach, especially during the digestion. This is what is known as Chronic Mesenteric Insufficiency.

The mesenteric blood deficiency can lead to intestinal ischemia (damage and inflammation) of small or large intestine.

Usually this deficiency of blood supply to the stomach is usually caused by:

Changes in the circulation as when there is low blood pressure.
Local factors such as constriction of blood vessels
Or a blood clot.
Strangulated hernia


What are the symptoms of Chronic Mesenteric Insufficiency?

Severe stomach pain, frequently and suddenly.
Your stomach hurts after eating, because during the digestive process the request for blood increases.
Increased heart rate
Blood in stool

Ischemia can also lead to ulcers and bleeding.

It is a common disease in people with coronary problems. This condition is common in people who smoke, have heart problems, blockages in other vessels, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

What are the complications of Chronic Mesenteric Insufficiency?

If this condition is not treated quickly can lead to intestinal ischemia: the intestine without blood or oxygen and begins to die, what is known as necrosis, then the dead tissue is invaded by many bacteria and parasites, bacteria and their toxins poisoning the blood and infection spreads throughout the body known as septicemia and finally the patient may die.

For these reasons, if your stomach hurts especially after eating severely, if your stomach hurts suddenly, you have diarrhea, constipation, vomiting should go to your doctor promptly.

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